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Very sweet taste, very little pungency, a delicate and not very penetrating scent … here is the Onion of Vatolla, a little village in Cilento.

The particular sweetness of this onion makes it different from the others. Particularly valuable is the high digestibility and it is also known because it does not cause tears during cutting and preparation.

Due to this characteristics it is particularly suitable for enriching vegetable salads and fresh vegetables, for the classic onion and Cacioricotta cheese omelette of Cilento, for the ancient “Susciello di Cipolla” dish, a traditional soup seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and pecorino cheese.

The Onion of Vatolla is easily digestible and delicate in flavor and aroma. It is highly and widely used, even today, in the family horticulture of the area, produced, in most cases for self-consumption.

Rich in flavonoids which have a beneficial effect on the cardio-vascular system.

It is sold to hand-woven bouquets. Vegeta in friable soils with good sun exposure. The plant takes place towards the end of the Autumn and the harvest is in July. The product, if consumed fresh, can be kept for up to 3 months due to the low pungency that makes it perishable.

Today it is produced by a few small farmers, without particular precautions and according to indications handed down from the past.  The Onion of Vatolla is one of the elements of the Biodiversity of Cilento and as such is part of the UNESCO heritage that protects the territory of the Cilento National Park and the Mediterranean Diet.

The Campania Region has included it in the typical products of protection and the Local Action Group (LAG Cilento Regeneratio), the University of Naples and the Institute of High Culture “Fondazione Giambattista Vico” have studied it in implementing Measures of the LDP (Local Development Program).

Do not miss the “Onion Festival of Vatolla” which takes place from 2014 in Vatolla.

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