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Why Cilento’s?

The apostrophe and the “s” in English replace our articulated prepositions.
So in this blog we want to talk about everything that is part of Cilento: people, traditions, products, parties, landscapes, villages, tours and experiences of Cilento.

We would also like those who come to Cilento to tell us about their experiences by sending us photos, videos, and stories that we will publish as a testimony.  “Relax, recharge, find your perfect slow moment” is the “pay off” that we have chosen because the Cilento, as the word itself says, is slow. But this slowness should not be seen as something negative. In fact, in Cilento the landscape is unspoiled, the rhythm of life preserves a human dimension, there is no hurry, you can drink coffee with a friend, you can walk in the countryside, it is natural to contemplate landscapes. This slowness has preserved the villages and the environment so as to become a Unesco Geopark, a sign of international recognition and excellence, to protect biodiversity, geodiversity and environmental sustainability.


Telling the Cilento and giving birth in the world the desire to come here on vacation, so that the villages are reborn, people remain and return to their homeland to respond to a tourism demand similar to the possible proposals of the territory, sustainable and respecting the environment.


Enhance those who love and work in Cilento, support and stimulate those who bring value.


Cilento’s News

The Menaica Anchovies

The Menaica Anchovies

Already at the time of the ancient Greeks was used the traditional fishing technique which is still used today to fish and transform the anchovies of Menaica. An ancient legacy that reminds us who we are and where we come from. Menaica anchovies are caught between...

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