Welcome to the inland villages of Cilento

Unspoilt, real, slow, to be protected and supported

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Discovering Cilento

The Cilento is known for countless reasons: because it is a National Park and a Unesco World Heritage Site, for the Archaeological Park of Paestum and for the Archaeological Park of Velia, ancient Elea, homeland of Parmenides and Zeno, for its coastline, for its crystal-clear sea studded with Blue Flags, for the turtles’ nests, for the dives of the dolphins that come to play on these seas, for the natural arch, for the caves of Pertosa or Castelcivita, for Roscigno Vecchia, for the waterfall of the Hair of Venus, because it was here that Ancel Keys wrote The Mediterranean Diet after sharing his table with the people of Cilento for 40 years, for the Borgo di Castellabate where ‘Welcome to the South’ was filmed, or for Pollica where ‘Il SIndaco Pescatore’ was filmed. . I’ll stop here because I could go on for pages and pages listing the beauties of this place.

But in the Cilento there are places that few people know about, places where time has stood still, places that can be visited all year round, where people are never alone, where home is not defined by walls, but by village boundaries.

The inland Cilento, uncontaminated, true, slow… to be protected and supported

This is the inland Cilento, made up of small villages inhabited by a few hundred souls that preserve a slow way of life, where contact with nature and the land is still intense, where people have a name and a story. Do not be surprised if you sit on a bench and some elderly gentleman or lady approaches you to chat. Although less well known, the inland Cilento must be visited and experienced above all.

Cilento’s is meant to be an invitation and a guide to relax, recharge your batteries, and discover the places, experiences, and people of the Cilento Interno. The pace of life here retains a human dimension; there is no hurry, you can have coffee with a friend, you can walk in the countryside, and it comes naturally to contemplate the landscapes.

What to do in inland Cilento

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This workshop is a week-end experience that allows you to enter the world of ceramics and get to know its fundamentals. CilentoLab is located in Orria in the heart of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano, and Alburni National Park. This is why, besides the artistic/craft experience, it is possible to come into contact with the local communities and savor their rhythm of life.

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