Felitto between natural beauty and traditional tastes

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the internal areas of Cilento, a surprise after another?

Walking through the streets of Cilento, between thick woods and regenerating views of Cilento National Park, you will reach Felitto, an enchanting medieval Cilento village, located in the center of the Calore’s Valley, which has always been the guardian of a rich architectural and gastronomic heritage , traditional and natural.

As soon as you arrive in the town, a small turning on the left allows you to reach one of the most famous naturalistic places of the Calore’s Valley, that is the Gole del Calore. Set in a deep valley overlooking the river, they constitute a landscape that is still intact in its wild beauty, 120 hectares of protected land where reigns uncontaminated nature.

The protected area of ​​the Gole del Calore extends from the Medieval Bridge downstream of the village of Felitto, to the area that also includes the municipality of Magliano. There are several trekking routes that cross the protected area, but, for those who want to spend a relaxing day, the area on the banks of the Remolino offers various activities that can be carried out.

In fact, in addition to being able to relax on the banks and bathe in the regenerating water of the river, when the weather allows it, you can book excursions by pedal boat, canoe, canyoning and book a trekking excursion on horseback.

There are many events that are proposed in the area and that enhance local products, in particular the famous Felitto fusillo, a IGP product, a prominent protagonist of the Sagra del Fusillo in Felitto, which has been a regular fixture in the tradition for 40 years.

In fact, for ten days in August, you can taste the fusilli felittesi with ragù or fresh tomato sauce and also buy them in the pasta factory L’oro di Felitto, a craft workshop that sells this precious product recognized by the Campania Region as a Traditional Agri-food Product.

from August 13th to 23rd 2020 the 45th Fusillo Felittese Festival will be held

The appointment with the Felitto fusillo is repeated in autumn, with the Sapori d’autunno event, where the fusillo is proposed in its winter variant, ie with porcini and sausage.

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