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When you combine creativity, the need for relationships, the desire to preserve, wanting to discover and learn, and not wanting to lose the old Italian culture, then things like this are born.

The Association “Tela” is formed by a group of thirteen women who have given life to a traditional manual weaving workshop.

Together they promote textile craftsmanship, using only natural fibers and colors, and they promote a campaign to recover and enhance local wool.

Given that this year in Cilento the sheep are taking off their coats again, the Association la Tela organizes the 5th edition of the Shearing Festival.

In Stio, a small village located on the Client’s hilly, situated in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, on June 9th 2019 there will be the 9th edition of the Shearing Festival.

It will be an opportunity to see sheep shearing, milking, cheese preparation, demonstration of wool processing and carding, spinning, weaving and natural dyes, all of this immersed in the green area of ​​the Dortore area.

The goal is to enhance the natural resources in harmony with the beauty of the landscape; so no plastic, and everyone must have a slow and responsible attitude.

This world is ours and the land that we are going to leave to our children.

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