Red Clay


This workshop is a week-end experience that allows you to enter the world of ceramics and get to know its fundamentals. CilentoLab is located in Orria in the heart of the Cilento, Vallo di Diano, and Alburni National Park. This is why, besides the artistic/craft experience, it is possible to come into contact with the local communities and savor their rhythm of life.

Clay is the mother of elements and allows creativity to re-emerge or tickle, an important starting point for connecting with ourselves. Orria, with its wide-open views and tranquillity, facilitates this process.

Participating in this type of experience also helps the local communities to make life in these villages sustainable. Buy local products and support inland Cilento!

Weekends are a unique opportunity to escape from the chaotic routine, allowing the luxury of slowing down the pace and getting back in touch with oneself and one’s life. These moments of respite will enable you to restore your energy, renew your outlook, and face the coming week with greater vigor and mental clarity.

What will you do in this course?

First, This Ceramics workshop will allow you to spend a relaxing weekend to help you take your mind off the daily grind and introduce you to clay, this ancient material that has been part of our lives for thousands of years. You will learn its rules and express yourself by making two works using two different techniques. We will see together the preparation and kneading of the clay, the presentation of various working techniques: the pinching technique, the colombino technique, and the slab technique, in particular the multiple steps of handling and shaping, finishing, drying of the artifacts, we will see the decoration with the engobe technique and the subsequent vitreous coating with crystalline.

🛑✋Inland Cilento is in depopulation. Support small businesses so that they can become sustainable.

Why is it helpful to have this experience?

  • improve tactile perception and experience the connection between time and what is happening around us;
  • regain the use of hands and the ability to make fine movements;
  • develop or reactivate creativity;
  • experiment with expressive techniques such as drawing, modeling, and painting;
  • promote the development of relationships through sharing achievements.


COSTO €95,00

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