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In the Cilento area, it is possible in a few minutes to go from the sea level to the hills of the inland areas where there are dozens of small ancient villages.

In the charming atmosphere of the Perito chestnut grove, the “Festa nel bosco” (Feast in the forest) has been held since 1981, a culinary event that offers the ancient flavors of the Cilento in a suggestive atmosphere, where in addition to the typical dishes such as the “narrow soup”, the ” ciaula ”, the“ muligname ‘mbuttunate ”, the veal roast, the “sauzicchieddi arrustuti”, the “cavatielli” with mutton ragù, the boscaiola and the sauce, strictly handmade by the ladies of the town, you can immerse yourself in the summer colors of the hills of Cilento, you can stroll among the stone paths of the small village and dine among the trees of the forest. Wonderful!

This year takes place from 6 to 13 August

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