Osteria to Ersilia

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Where to eat

The Osteria da Ersilia is a small and cozy Osteria in Perito, in the Cilento National Park. The hosts, Ersilia and Leo, welcome you with sympathy and kindness.

The Osteria da Ersilia is a place to feel at home, among friends, admiring the view on the terrace, which leads the eyes from the tower of Velia or sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Leo will tell you about the dishes, Ersilia and her precious collaborators will prepare them for you, making you try her simple and tasty cuisine.

Here the culinary tradition of Campania is combined with hospitality but also with inventiveness. On the menu you will always find the classics: cavatielli and fusilli made strictly by hand, with ancient Cilentan grain flour; but also revisited, special and tasty dishes that blend seasonal products, local excellences and even some neighboring regions, from pacchero figs and gorgonzola to the Cilentan genovese with the Vatolla onions.

The search for products is done with care: ancient grain flours for homemade pasta, vegetables from local producers, goat cheese at km 0 taken by local producers, the bran of nearby Basilicata.

The Osteria also offers a varied selection of wines, ranging from productions of local excellence, but also Campania’s and all over Italy wine.

The Osteria also offers gluten free and vegetarian alternatives: in addition to gluten-free pasta, there is a wide selection of different plates and vegetable dishes. Here you can still taste wild herbs cooked in the traditional way, with recipes from families that have been handed down for generations. At the end the desserts: the small cannoli are the flagship of this small Cilentan reality.

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