In Castelnuovo Cilento “Castrum Novum”

by | Aug 22, 2019 | What to do in Cilento

Once upon a time … “cunti”, rides, flavors and songs “

Towards the end of August the Castle of Castelnuovo Cilento (SA), a few minutes from the wonderful Cilento coast, will transport us to a fairytale dimension, or rather that of the “ancient cunti”, which know of kings, queens and knights, but also of clever servants, fairies witches and talking animals.

Castrum Novum is an event, whose purpose is to promote knowledge, preservation and enhancement of the most ancient traditions of the Cilento, in terms of history, story, but also festivity, music and food and wine.

In all of the three days, the Castle will be set up as a medieval market that will have protagonists the products of the territory, in the three days of the event cultural events, shows, music and singing.

The last day there will be the historical re-enactment with the historical procession and the Palio della Torre 2019.

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