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When we started this project, the thing that all the people involved had in common, was the idea of ​​being able to involve the new generations, to be able to give them the opportunity to express themselves and grow.

Since we do this for free, we are all in agreement, of helping one another as we can, sharing our experiences and giving the support we are able to give, like in a family.

Our knowledge is not endless so we hope that others will also want to share there experiences generously.

While I was helping the group creating the network of stores, for the creation of the natural shopping center, I met Orietta who told me about her daughter’s passion for photography.

I asked Angelica to help me enhance the Cilento by trying to capture the essence of this territory.

Angelica made herself available for free and together we are planning a beautiful journey.

I hope to be able to reward Angelica one day … I hope that this it is a starting point and that many will want to participate in this way of loving Cilento.

I introduce you to Angelica Lettieri:

“My name is Angelica Lettieri and I was born in Cilento in 1996. Since I was a child I always had the desire to learn about new places. I have always been in love with the photography and mainly I am interested in landscape photography. The first contact with photography dates back to a couple of years ago, thanks to my passion for travel, this make me feel free from everything and everyone, especially because tranquility and peace are the fundamental aspects of my personality. My knowledge of photography is due to an expanded observation of all the photographers I studied, and that have inspired me to improve more and more.

My dream would be to be able to live working like this, traveling and capturing with my camera the beauties of this world “.

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