Wine, Art & Sunset by Cilentolab

A unique multisensory experience

The creative aperitif that Cilentolab proposes is a multisensory experience that takes place in an enchanting place embraced by a spectacular panorama that stretches to the horizon, with the majesty of Capri as a backdrop to the evocative sunset. Here, every sense is involved in a harmonious and engaging game.

Orria, an inland Cilento village in the heart of the Cilento National Park, our scenic garden is delighted by a breathtaking view: the sun painting the sky in warm, enveloping hues, tinging the clouds orange and red as it slowly descends to the horizon. The coastline, framed by the crystal clear sea, distant yet so close, merges with the sky in an endless embrace, providing an unforgettable spectacle.

Taste is delighted with a selection of typical appetizers expertly prepared to enhance the local flavors of Cilento. Each bite is a journey through culinary tradition, an explosion of flavors that blend and complement each other.

The sense of smell is involved in the interweaving of scents. In addition to the aromatic scents of excellent local wine wafting through the air, the natural fragrances of the Cilento National Park can be felt. The fresh air is imbued with herbaceous, broom, and Mediterranean scrub aromas that mingle to create a unique and enveloping olfactory symphony.

Hearing is lulled by background music that complements the atmosphere, a selection of notes that blend harmoniously with the surroundings, helping to create a relaxing and engaging atmosphere.

Touch finds its place in a creative activity, clay working, which allows the exploration of tactile sensations, shaping and creating with the hands, and connecting the mind with the material in a tactile and artistic experience.

This experience goes beyond simply sharing tastes and sensations: it is a time to connect deeply with oneself and others, creating bonds through shared emotions. It is an opportunity to indulge in the beauty of nature and its sensory gifts, allowing every sense to be engaged and appreciated in an experience that leaves an indelible imprint on the hearts and memories of those who participate.

What will you do in this course?

The meeting point is Cilentolab, located in Orria in the province of Salerno, 15 minutes from Omignano Scalo station and the S.S.18 that connects Agropoli to Vallo della Lucania towards Sapri.

At Cilentolab, you start with a chat and a glass of good local wine, continue with a small tasting of typical products, and then immerse yourself in a sensory and creative experience with clay, waiting for the sunset.

🛑✋Inland Cilento is in depopulation. Support small businesses so that they can become sustainable.

Why is it helpful to have this experience?

  • improve tactile perception and experience the connection between time and what is happening around us;

  • regain the use of hands and the ability to make fine movements;

  • develop or reactivate creativity;

  • experiment with expressive techniques such as drawing, modeling, and painting;

  • promote the development of relationships through sharing achievements.


COSTO €35,00

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