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I met Giancarlo Fraiese a few weeks ago, we met in Trentinara on the panoramic terrace and then, a few steps further down and we stepped into his kingdom. He told me about his “Cilento in Volo” with passion and professionalism, he thought of everything. You can find a panel that explains what you see in front of you, he showed me the screen where you see the arrival of the people flying down, so you can check that everything went well and you can see their enthusiastic faces, he thought about to the disabled people, they can get down with the elevator and FLY like the others.

How many of us found ourselves looking at a bird flying and thinking how nice it would be to FLY, how many times we tried to imagine FLYING as well. Now it’s possible!
Just wear the harness and let yourself go.

I want to try it!

Giancarlo also gives couples the chance to do it together! Wonderful! How nice is to share such a unique experience.

I asked Giovanni if we can do it together … “Not at all” he said… never mind, I’ll fly alone or with the instructor … I just have to decide if I want to fly during the day, at sunset or at night under the stars … we’ll see.

Giancarlo implements every year with some new things, this year it has introduced a new harness and children can fly too!

How many things I did with my children… I remember the roller coaster at Gardaland and my fear that they would come out of the straps, or when we climbed the mountains or the equipped walls, Cilento in Volo could be the icing on the cake…  In any case, if you want more information click HERE


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